DATE Total Solution for Stamping Parts including Stamping Presses, Die Sets and Feeders
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Total Solution for Stamping Parts 
Stamping Press  Die Set  NC Feeder   Stamped Part
      Required Flatness:Within 30 Micron
      Actual Flatness: Within 20Micron 
       Delivered to the Client
 Stamping Press Die Set   Leveler Feeder Stamped Part 
 Forging Press Die Set for Cold Forging  Part   Part  Processed Part  Processed Part
 Procssed Part
    Before  After
 Total Solutions for Stamping Presses, Die Sets and Feeders by Producing Stamping Parts

Merits for Servo System Modification:  
・ Japanese electric companies do not keep stocks under economic depression.
・ Modification job costs approximately 40% when compared with new machine.
・ Even more than 20 years old machine can produce goods properly.

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 Total Solution for Stamping Parts- Stamping Presses-Die Sets- Feeding Devices
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