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 Automotive Industry
Spindle Hub  Flange   Brake Pad Seat Belt  Brake Mounting Support 
 2 Wheel Components
 Mounting Support Caliper Piston  Pressure Pad 
 4 Wheel Components
Backing Plate  Hub Flange  Plate Crank Sensor 
 Cold Forging
 4 Wheel Components
 Spine Hub Caliper Piston  Piston Wheel Cylinder 
 Fine Blank
 2 Wheel Components
Gear Spindle  Brake Pad 
 4 Wheel Components
 Hook RR Seat Lock Flange  Rachet Seat Cushion 
 Sub Assy
 4 Wheel Components
 Shaft Comp High Shaft Comp Clutch Release 
 IT Industry
 HDD Cover DVD Casting  Top Cap   Spindle Actuator Arm  VCM Yoke 

 Process Conversion
  • Product: Spindle Hub
  • Material: SCM 435
  • Characteristics: Machining to Forging
  • Product: Brake Calliper Piston
  • Material: SPHD - G3131
  • Characteristics: Cold Forging to Progressive
  • Characteristics: Cold Forming with Deep Drawing
  • Product: Disc Clamp
  • Material: AL6061 - T4
  • Characteristics: Machining to Progressive Stamping
  • Product: Disc Cover
  • Material: Cold-Rolled Steel
  • Characteristics: Machining to Progressive Stamping
  • Characteristics: Coining from 0.5mm to 0.2mm
  • Product: Gear Sprocket
  • Material: S45C
  • Material Thickness: 8.00mm
  • Characteristics: Gear Hobbing to Progressive Stamping
  • with double side coining
  • Product: Pole Housing
  • Material: DC0.4
  • Characteristics: Bihler Ring Press to Progressive Stamping
  • Product: Gear Starter Drive
  • Material: SCM 415H
  • Material Thickness: 6.00mm
  • Charasteristics: Manual tool to Progressive Stamping
  • Charasteristics: Fine Blanking with Piercing
  • Product:Door Lock Latch (With Plastic Molding)
  • Material: 304SX
  • Characteristics: Welding to Progressive Stamping

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